EBase - India

On Nov 21, 2011 the second EBase opened, this one located in Pench National Park, India.  Similar to the 2041 EBase in Antarctica, the EBase in India runs entirely on renewable energy.  Serving as an educational and environmental platform for the local community, the EBase focuses on wildlife conservation; largely, for the tiger.

Tigers are important players in its ecosystem. As a top predator of the food chain, tigers help maintain an equilibrium within prey populations. According to the WWF, the loss of the tiger will “upset the ecological balance” and lead to a decline of support–prey species would inflate. Consequently, challenged by habitat loss, the tiger population has become more susceptible.

India holds over half the world’s tiger population and through the EBase individuals not only learn about the importance of these symbolic cats, but the overall importance of creating a more sustainable world. At the EBase children are inspired and attain the knowledge and values necessary for becoming future sustainable leaders.

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