Apple Ridge Farm is a non-profit organization providing academic enrichment and outdoor activities for low-income children from inner city Roanoke and surrounding areas.  Apple Ridge has four main programs which help implement their mission:

Academic Summer Camp – The camp is offered during an eight-week period during the summer.  Reading, language arts, science, nature studies, computers, career focus and college preparation are offered to campers at no cost.  The EBase USA - Blue Ridge  will become part of the summer camp program.

Reading Adventure Program – Offered to children ages 6 to 16 with the goal of enhancing reading skills of Apple Ridge campers.  This program is free of charge to all children of Roanoke inner-city families.

Aspire 2016 Program and Aspire Connect – The Aspire program works with students who are at-risk for academic failure and dropping out of school.  A unique aspect of this program is the parental and family involvement component where parents attend monthly workshops and are encouraged to volunteer in learning activities and to take advantage of community resources.

Environmental Education Center (EEC) – Offers science and nature field trips to students throughout the region.  The EEC focuses on understanding our world while reinforcing the Standards of Learning (S0Ls).  Since November 1995, over 68,000 students from over 60 schools have attended the center.  The EBase USA - Blue Ridge will become part of the EEC.

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Apple Ridge Farm transforms the lives of our community’s underserved children and families through engagement in unparalleled educational, cultural and outdoor experiences.


Apple Ridge Farm Core Values

  • Developing lasting relationships that will inspire and motivate our children to continue to give back to their communities
  • Affirming the strengths of our children motivating them to be the best that they can be
  • Expanding the “vision” of children to be citizens of the world
  • Engaging children in programs that validate their cultural heritage and strengthen their self image
  • Providing nurturing experiences to develop our children from elementary to high school